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'90 200tq Wagon Specs?

There's no shortage of info about the '91 200 Wagon on the web, but I'm
having trouble finding much info about the '90 (10v). I've found one for
sale that sounds like a good candidate, so if any of you know where I
can find specs, please let me know. In the meantime, perhaps I'll toss
out a few questions (apologies in advance for irrelevant questions).

Does the '90 use Motronic engine management? If not, what type and does
it do diagnostics? Is air mass measured by hot wire, or by one of the
flap methods? Is the turbo intercooled? Does the turbo have a bypass,
like the '91, to keep the revs up between gears?

Does the drive train use Torsen, or an earlier quattro setup?

Are the mechanics that I'm likely to work on (brakes, struts, plugs,
timing belt, cooling system, exhaust) relatively accessible and
work-on-able? Does it have a hugely expensive achilles heel?

Is the body as well treated for rust prevention as the '91 (10 year

A lot of questions, I know, but I'd appreciate any insights.