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A6 Avant verses XCountry Volvo

>From what I am perceiving, am I correct in assuming that the A6 is more for
tame drivers who are willing to sacrifice performance for luxury?

The Xcountry volvo goes from 0 to 60 in 7 seconds. The A6 gets there in
9.6. Both are 4X4, with Volvo's design being more reactive (basically a
front wheel drive until it's front wheels slip, then it transfers power to
the rear), and Audi's system perhaps more proactive, hugging curbs with all
four tires all of the time, unless one wheel slips...). Kids can't see out
the back of the Volvo and there are no cupholders :+), which are important
for busy sports kind of family. The Cross Country has more volume capacity,
but unless one is loading boxes into the box shaped rear, I doubt it would
matter to me. I look for people room and floor space in back...

Looks like both cars are not the greatest in the service department (Toyota
has been flawless), both dealerships are within a block of each other (one
and one half hours away from our home).

Both cars have comparable bells and whistles, with the Audi winning hands
down on cup holders and stereo system. OH! How is the air conditioner in
the A6? Volvo's 5 cyl. motor [and their poor design] makes for a barely
adequate but noisy air conditioning.

Discussion welcome.