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Re: A6 Avant verses XCountry Volvo

>> >From what I am perceiving, am I correct in assuming that the A6 is more for
>> tame drivers who are willing to sacrifice performance for luxury?
>Well, the A6 is certainly more luxurious, with a far better build quality
>also. But it is no slouch once you get going, and will handle at least
>as well as the XC (rmemeber that the XC is raised a little compared to
>the normal V70, which must affect handling somewhat). The A6 is pretty
>much regarded as having an excellent suspension. It is a little limited
>by the standard tyres which seem to be chosen for ride comfort rather
>than performance. So myabe you can try to deal for a summer tyre upgrade
>with the salesperson. I assume that you will be getting snow tyres for
>the winter, this allows you to get the best out of the quattro system.
>> The Xcountry volvo goes from 0 to 60 in 7 seconds. The A6 gets there in
>> 9.6. Both are 4X4, with Volvo's design being more reactive (basically a
>I strongly doubt that number of 7.0 for the V70XC. It has the 190hp low
>pressure turbo engine with an auto box (unless they are now available
>with a manual). I reckon it's time would more likely be around 9.0, just
>a little faster than the A6Q Avant. Even if the V70XC now has a manual
>box I doubt it would get below 8.0.
>Maybe the dealer was "confused" and quoted you numbers for the V70R AWD
>(full pressure turbo engine, 236hp).

I'm getting my information from Audi and Volvo's brochure and "Car and
Driver", who tested the A4 against it. (Come to think of it, it could have
been the V70 AWD). Volvo's brochure claims the 7.0 zero to sixty data for
the XC. Seems that Audi won hands down in the wet weather _over_ Volvo, but
keep in mind two seconds looks like a lot in those test results.

>> Both cars have comparable bells and whistles, with the Audi winning hands
>> down on cup holders and stereo system. OH! How is the air conditioner in
>> the A6? Volvo's 5 cyl. motor [and their poor design] makes for a barely
>> adequate but noisy air conditioning.
>As far as I know the 1999 A6 has full climate control. The system in my S6
>(1995) is excellent. We also have a Volvo 850 (1994), the air-conditioning
>is IMHO more than adeqaute, but noisy as you say.

The Volvo XC claims it has full climate control as well.
>IMHO, the 1999 A6 Avant also wins hands down in the looks department.

Have to agree with you, but I have grown attached to the boxes I've owned
in the past. Love those XC's bulky look better from the front than the back.