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Re: (no Audi content) Adding input to CD changer controller?

>]On Thu, 28 Jan 1999, c a l i b a n wrote:
>]>  *this* decive, though, rocks.
>]>  http://www.empeg.com/
>]>  26gb music storage (433+ hours of music) and you get
>]>  to have linux running in your car.

As a disk drive design engineer, I'm a little concerned about reliability in
the harsh environment of a car.  Shock and vibration can be dealt with by
good mechanical isolation, but temperature is more problematic.  Absolutes
aren't so bad, but thermal cycling is a killer, especially low-to-high.
Any condensation and its kaput.  Empeg may choose not to market the unit in
say, North Dakota.

That aside, I think this is a great concept.  I'll get my department to
buy one as soon as they are available.  Since it can only be tested in
a car, I guess I'll volunteer....

Matt Rooke