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RE: Stolen quattro alert!

SOrry to hear about the Audi Theft Bruce.
	I'm not in your area but I'll keep my eye out for it around Mt.
Hood this weekend and in the North Idaho area. :-)  
	If I catch her can I make her do some dirty suspension work before
I turn her in ;-)
	Anyhow, good luck in finding her and may the Audi Gods curse her
and help you get your baby back..errrr..rather his baby back.  (the car,
not the girl)..

	Todd Phenneger
	1984 4000s quattro / modified/ awaiting Turbo Transplant.
	1985 4000 quattro / Silver / Fixing it Up.
	1987 4000cs quattro / Saphire Metallic Blue/ Girlfriend's
	1996 A6q / Volcano / Dads Car
   *****1985 5kt / PARTING OUT!