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Re: Should I purchase an A6 Avant Quattro

I sold one to a customer in the fall when they first came out. Drove it from
PA to Vermont and was suitably impressed. The car drove as well or better than
expected. I also like the road feel of the larger car on a trip. Two new
gismos of note are the mirrors and the lights. the mirrors are of the same
idea as they eye glasses that darken in sunlite, so no matter what the guy
behind has for lights or where tey're aimed it I was not bothered. The safety
enhancement pk( $1000) includes rear seat airt bags and xenon lights. Lights
are great, one can really see well and with the blue hue to them I guess the
passing lane drones think the cops are coming thru and move right over.

About the only thing I did'nt like was the third seat. It is no doubt safer
than the fold away type of the earlier car but not convenient at all, and only
small children would fit in it. One have to take the seat out to utilise the
rear space. Hope you have a garage.

All in all a very nice drive. Somewhat better performance than the earlier
car, adequate but not startling. The Tiptronic trans is very nice, derived
from race car, (it shifts fast than a person ever could) but I wonder how much
the average person will actually use it.

good luck
98 A6 Q wagon
95.5 S 6 Q wagon