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RE: What IS he going on about???????

Don't confuse English with American............you have been an American
speaker all your life, not an English speaker......that is why you don't
understand Phil!
I have the same problem when my friends from Birmingham (England ) come to
visit, our languages are related but defiantly not the same!

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Our very own esteemed Phil Payne "enlightens" us with:

>  P342  CEEFAX 2 342 Sat 30 Jan 00:46/49
>           ONE DAY INTERNATIONAL, Perth       1/3
>           Mark Ealham blitzed Sri Lanka with a
>           five-wicket haul as England stormed to
>           a crushing 128-run victory.
>           Ealham recorded the third-best one-day
>           figures for England with a magnificent
>           5-32 as the world champions were
>           skittled for just 99.
>           Earlier, Neil Fairbrother scored a
>           superb unbeaten 81 as England reached
>           227-7 off their 50 overs.
>           Fairbrother led an England fightback
>           after Sri Lankan debutant Ruchira
>           Perera had taken three early wickets.
>             Football 302 Cricket 340 M/Sport 360

Hey guys, I am 52 years old, a native English speaker, and have been more
than ten miles away from my birthplace more than once . . . I know what
EACH word means here, but I have NO IDEA WHATSOEVER about what Phil is
reporting here.

Totally, utterly, absolutely clueless in Daytona,

Mike Arman