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Re: Do it yourself garages.

My car has just climbed over the 100k mark.  Looking over the 
previous owner's records, I can tell that the timing belt, water 
pump, power steering belt and a/c belt was changed at just under 
56k, so I guess I'm due in the near future.  I'm in southeastern CT, 
so please give me a heads up once we've thawed out and are ready 
to venture outside again.  I'd be very interested in meeting other 
owners and getting help and experience doing these kinds of 
repairs and maintenance tasks myself.

> There used to be a shop in South Windsor, CT on Route 5 that rented out
> bays; no BTDT and I haven't been in town for over 10 years...
> Some of the New England area quattro list members occasionally get
> together for "cocktails" at brew pubs north and west of Boston; hasn't
> happened in quite a while.  We kicked around the idea of "tech days" at
> various people's houses; winter caught up with us and put the idea on
> hold.  
> I'm planning a "timing belt day" this spring, once things warm up a bit. 
> I think this kind of idea has merit; perhaps in conjunction with the local
> chapters of the quattro club?   A lot of my experience/advice has been
> gained vicariously through the posts by others... but I can turn a wrench.
>  My tool collection isn't extensive, but I've got a couple sets of ramps,
> a floor jack, 4 jackstands, 1/4 and 1/2 inch sockets, wrenches, lights,
> mityvac, digital multimeter, parts fiche(s), Bentley's for the 4000/coupe,
> 100/200, and late 70's 5000; etc., a two-car garage, and a big flat
> driveway.  Biggest thing I don't have is a lift, but the garage ceiling is
> too low, anyways.  
> I've got one or two others interested in the timing belt change day;
> anyone else interested?  I'm in southern NH, just up 93 from the
> Massachusetts border.  Date to be determined; if we get a bunch of
> interested people, we can spread it out over a couple weekends and places
> (which would certainly appease my wife).  Seems like we could each save
> several hundred in labor, and learn a bit about our cars in the process.
> chris miller, windham nh, c1j1miller@aol.com '91 200q ==>
> http://members.aol.com/c1j1miller/index.html