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Re: Bose/Audi Stereos

I listen to the FAN out of New York, so top notch acoustics are not 
necessary.  On the other hand I wouldn't mind replacing my current 
(original) Audi tape player with one that didn't have an appetite for 
tapes.  Also, if anyone knows where I can pick up the volume knob 
for the stock radio in a 87 CGT, I would be much obliged.  The 
metal inside the knob has worn down and it wobbles when I try to 
turn it up or down.

> The Bose system in my 1990 V8 is adequate.  It can support the likes of
> Miles Davis to Mozart to Santana quite nicely.  I have never understood
> the urge to have a stereo system in (any) vehicle that can rival a system
> at home or small night club.
> Rakesh
> (wearing flame protection)


87.5 CGT completely stock, the way nature intended
(under the knife, as we speak)