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Re: Salvage Title

It is possible, but not a sure bet. I know that when my sister took her 80q from
OH to DC, it was already a "rebuilt salvage" title, meaning that it had been
wrecked, fixed, and inspected. DC required the car to pass their own salvage
inspection. After it passed, the new DC title made no mention of salvage. Somehow,
I do not think that OH would make the same mistake. Big waste of time if you ask
me, I drive a "rebuilt salvage" branded car and it does not bother me any.


Ken Keith wrote:

> I heard that it's possible to get a clean title to a salvaged car by taking it
> to another state, registering it there (and getting a new title), and bringing
> it back and getting a third title in the original state.
> Supposedly, unscrupulous used car dealers could and did do this.  B.S.?
> I would imagine the DMV/MVD (as it's called here) would have the VIN in their
> permanent record to prevent such a thing.
> Ken