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Re: 2-4kq's stumbling when cold

On Mon, 1 Feb 1999, Ken Keith wrote:

> Oh, maybe I can't picture where it is.  I guess it's probably sitting on top 
> of the valve in the intake area, not necessarily in the combustion chamber.

	Thats what I was thinking.

> Has the car been started with the thing lost?!  I assumed it hasn't been, since 
> he knew the piece was in there somewhere.  I wouldn't have started it anyway, 
> but that's just me.

	WHo knows.  Maybe it fell in there 6 months ago before the
injectors were pulled and he just noticed it now.  I spose that could have
happened.  I just thinking that part is pretty small so hopefully it got
spit out with no damage when the motor was first fired.  

> I wouldn't give up tho'.  If it can fall in, it can get back out.  (even if you 
> have to tear into the motor)

	Oooo.  that sounds like fun. :-)  I'm pulling head on one of mine
soon. I'll port it while its out though.  CAnt wait.

> Kinda reminds me of the time these guys were putting a Chebby small block 
> together, and dropped some kind of a distributor shaft or something into the 
> motor, and had to open it up to retrieve it.

	Uhh, did you know these people personally.  Like, Very well.  Say
were you one of them?

> One looked at the other with a dumb look on his face, saying, "That can 
> happen?  That doesn't happen with a Ford."  The reply was, "Yeah, that can 
> happen."

	Hmmm, I think you were one of them. :-)

> Doh!

	Thats like me driving car 60 miles with no front half Shaft.
Forgot that wheel bearing couldn't support the weight without the shaft in