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Re: Tiptronic A6Q question

>Debra Snell writes:
>> Interesting - would one have to place the shifter into the + - mode to
>> compensate? Can you go from automatic to tiptronic (I'm stumbling over the
>> words, here) without stopping?
>I think they are referring to the non-Tiptronic auto-trans cars here.  With
>the Tiptronic in "manual" mode, *you* do the shifting, so this doesn't apply.

...but _can_ you shift from, say, the Drive mode to the + - mode without
stopping? (I know that this may qualify for the dumb question of the month,
but hey, I want to know...)


PS Am I the only female on this list?? (I'm one of five daughter of a
certified car nut. No boys - so he pushed his "curse" on us...)