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Fuel Pump

89, 100 5 spd   110kmiles
Question about the fuel pump and tank.  I bought this car with 70k, at
about 85k the fuel pump became noisy, thinking it was going bad I took the
car to a local independent Audi specialist and they said the pump was fine.
Two months latter I was stranded with a dead pump, and I no longer go to
that "specialist".  Now at 110k the pump is load again.  What is the normal
life of these pumps?  In my other cares I usually replace them at 80k to
120k intervals (VW, Volvo, older Audi).  I checked the Quattro archives and
saw a reference to bad fuel tank linings in the 89-90 years.  Could this be
the cause of the short fuel pump life?  So my questions are,  how easy is
it to replace the fuel pump, any special tools required, parts need such as
special washers etc, or any tricks?  Does anyone have more information on
the bad fuel tanks, and what the fix is? I will defiantly check out the
tank when I replace the pump.   Also should I consider replacing the fuel
filter at the same time?  Thanks for any help
Ron Paletzki

Ron Paletzki
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