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Re: More on Odometer Discrepancy + spark plug Question

In message <03d801be4f7a$1c73ad20$15fe66a6@mikesoft> "Mike Theuri" writes:

> My question revolves around the spark plugs. She said
> she put one prong bosch spark plugs. Audi recommends
> 3 prong plugs. Would this have any effect if I changed them
> to 3 prong ? Would a tune up be immediately necessary ?

Roger Galvin and I are experimenting at present with 1-prong plugs in
my MB and his 1B.  Both of us strongly suspect that the purpose of the
3-prong design is simply to extend the life to meet the service
interval Audi recommends.  We're currently trying to see if changing
1-prong plugs on a 2500-mile basis is better or worse than changing
3-prongers on a 7500-mile basis.

The jury's only just gone out.

 Phil Payne
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