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Re: 1991 TQW: Audi parts sticker shock

Yes, they are the same.  I'm using one from an 87 5ksw in my 89 200tqw. 
You may also want to try dying the cover with some vinyl dye.  BTW, the
cover for a Porsche 928 will set you back around $600 from Linda at
Carlsen.  Soooo, we've got it good (not)


> From: Peter Schulz <schulz@iatcmail.ed.ray.com>
> 20v TQW that Paul Royal helped me buy back in September.
> The TQW did not come with a rear cargo cover, so I looked up the
> part number on the microfiche, (445 863 553 A 3PR (platinum grey)),
> and gave Mac at Clair Parts Express a call.  I almost fell
> out of my chair when he quoted me a price of over $400 list,
> and $364 discounted. So, needless to say, I'm looking for alternatives
> for this glorified "window shade".
> Question to any of you that have owned both 5000 Wagons and the 
> 100/200 versions.  Is the cover the same?  I'm thinking about 
> trying to get one from a salvage yard and replacing the vinyl,
> if necessary.  Or come up with a home-made solution. Last resort
> would be a blanket...
> Ideas? Comments? Experiences?
> -Peter Schulz
> 1991 200 20v Avant (TQW)
> 1990 CQ 
> schulz@res.ray.com