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Headlights, again???

I know, I know.  People have posted it and I've even kept some, 
only to delete them when I go on a cleaning binge.  But while my 
car was in the shop I was driving my wife's brand new Hyundai and 
the only thing that this car has over my twelve year old Audi are the 
headlights (and the Hyundai, by all reviews, has one of the weaker 
lights on the market today).  

So the bottom line is, I'm looking to upgrade the lighting on my 
87.5 CGT.  The less changes I have to make to the look of the car 
the better (I like the stock look) but I'm willing to weigh any option, 
since this is a safety matter.  

So any BTDT's.  What are the avenues open to me?  I suppose I 
could keep the stock headlamp and just get a more powerful bulb, 
which means changing some wiring to accommodate.  I could 
swap out the stock headlamps for the "Euro" lights (I'm assuming 
that these are the lights that have dual lenses, a rectangular and a 
square one).  I imagine that this would involve cutting into or 
replacing the grill in addition to whatever electronic changes must 
be made.  The last option would be adding those driving lights 
(under the front bumper?).  This would be my last choice as I prefer 
to keep any extra stuff hanging off my car to a minimum but if it's 
my best option, so be it.

So if any listers would care to give me the benefit of their 
experience I would be much obliged.  Contact me personally if you 
want to spare the rest of the list from having to listen to this again.  
If there are detailed descriptions to be found on the web.please 
point them out to me.  I am in SE CT so if there are any listers in 
the area who have upgraded their lights and are willing to show off, I 
would be more than happy to be impressed.


New London, CT
87.5 CGT Spec. Build 
Total cost of repairs since original date of purchase=$5635.64
My contribution since 3/14/97=$2478.86