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RE: Interesting Problem with Cruise Control

Mine had a pin hole in the vacuum boot.  Little silicone sealant and
presto - consistent function.  Before the fix, depending on the flex/temp of
the rubber, mine would work for a minute or so, then lose pressure.  Check
the boot thoroughly.

Dan Sinclair
1988 Audi 90, 67K mi.
Picture and details online at:

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> Subject: Interesting Problem with Cruise Control
> Hi Ye Gurus,
> Some background:
>        I bought my 91 200 tq last year. At that time the then owner said
> that the cruise control on the m/c never worked. So I never tested it
> and even to have it checked, the $$$$ were not carelessly small. So I
> let be.
>        Suddenly, last weekend during my trip out of town, I was enjoying
> some finger trouble with the control and seemed to work. The thrill was
> short lived..
> Problem:
>       The cruise control seems to work intermittantly. Any ideas???
> One solution seems to be just believe that it still doesn't work.. who
> the hell anyway wants cruise control on a AUDI..
>       Just find it intellectually challanging to have something and not
> see it work
> HELP!! My wife directrs me that "LET THERE BE CRUISE CONTROL"
> Jaggi
> 91 200 TQ (118K miles)
> Another one if I can convince my Wife
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