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Re: Urq image...thanks.

In message <l03130305b2dfd772bd48@[]> spokes@mail.the-wire.com writes:

> Thanks to Stott Hare, Martin Pajak and all the others who responded to my
> request to get that Urq image.  It's original origin is still a mystery
> (seems we've all 'borrowed' it off too many sites!)...however, the lame-o
> university project is done!

If you ever get to Stuttgart, take the B27 north and turn off towards
the Porsche development centre at Weissach.  Not far from the centre,
the road takes a long bend to the right and almost comes back 180 degrees
on itself.

On the left hand side, there's a gap in the woods and a car park.  Drive
into the car park, and go over to the south corner.  Look due north,
and see if you recognise the view!

 Phil Payne
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