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Re: Urq image...thanks.

spokes@mail.the-wire.com wrote:

> Thanks to Stott Hare, Martin Pajak and all the others who responded to my
> request to get that Urq image.  It's original origin is still a mystery
> (seems we've all 'borrowed' it off too many sites!)...however, the lame-o
> university project is done!
> -Dave

Actually I think the first time it surfaced was on my web site
(www.quattro.org, remember that one? It will be up again SOON!) anyway, it
was sent to me  by a friend from europe. I took it for face value that it was
him, but never really questioned it or cared much. It was a great shot (I
still have the original hi-res shot if you want it).
So I guess the origin is still unknown, unless it was in fact my friend in