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Re: Now Badges

I remember the article about that car in a M/T. 928 chassis in bunny body
work. Heck of a sleeper. Unfortunately, my memory from that period is, uh, a
little foggy. I believe the testers were driving it fast, on the 'bahn, in
the _rain_.

Coming up fast on big Mercs and WMB's in a Rabbit at a buck twenty
five....tee-hee.....back when all wabbits were economy cars, not "sport

Stephen Bigelow
e-commerce/ Business Development
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> might be two different cars.  scan te shot, i'll
> dot he same and we'll a/b 'em.
>On Thu, 4 Feb 1999, Martin Pajak wrote:
>>]>              sbarro also married a 245hp porsche turbo motor into
>]>         a vw rabbit frame.  top speed 156mph - motor in the rear
>]>         seat, 25gal gas tank under the hood, near 50/50 weight
>]>         distribution with two occupants.
>]Actually it was a Rabbit stretched over a Porsche 928 drivetrain not
>]turbo.I have a nice picture of it sideways (not scanned though) from a
>]front page of a magazine.
>]Martin Pajak