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Re: Audifest 99

I would be inclined to have something on the East coast.  Living in 
CT, I wouldn't relish the idea of driving all the way down to CO.  
That being said, I'm sure there are many that wouldn't want to drive 
to Boston.  Bottom line: depending on when it is, I'll know if I can 
make it, whether it's in CO or MA.

> An East Coast Audifest definitely gets my vote.  There
> is no way whatsoever that I am going to go to Pike's 
> Peak, but I would be much more tempted by an event 
> in Boston, or somehwere else on this side of the States.
> Obviously, there would need to be a West Coast Audifest,
> but I think you're right that a larger total number of people
> would attend the two events than a single large event held
> in a less convenient location.  Of course, I suppose you'll
> need to find an East Coast event coordinator and such 
> things, so there is a lot more work involved, but I think that
> it's worth it.
> nate 

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