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Re: A4 brake problem in the rain

Got news for you, it happens on my car too.  Almost missed my 
exit the other day when I applied the brakes to get my off-ramp, I 
got nothing.  Pumping them restored the grip.  I usually make it a 
point when raining to occasionally press down on the brake pedal 
while driving just to keep a good contact. 

> In Germany there's a bit of a panic about brake failures on A4s in the
> rain. There've been numerous complaints about the brakes feeling fine
> after a long 'wet' drive, but turning out not to work properly. Cause of
> this is likely a buildup of water or road salt between disc and pad.
> The new recently-introduced A4 has a revised braking system. It remains to
> be seen if this cures the wet braking problem.
> Be forewarned!
> Source: AutoWeek Netherlands, 99/6

New London, CT
87.5 CGT Spec. Build 
Total cost of repairs since original date of purchase=$5635.64
My contribution since 3/14/97=$2478.86