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Re: A4 Brakes in Rain

Umm, you can't have vacuum assist in a turbo car.  Think about that 
one really hard.  Turbocharged cars spend a fair amount of time with 
a manifold pressure that is NOT a vacuum.  You'd need some sort of 
check valve system, and a very large reservoir, and if it runs out, 
oh well, no brakes, eh?

Maybe your 2.8 a4 does, but I'll bet that the 1.8t certainly doesn't.


At 8:07 AM -0800 2/5/99, Ti Kan wrote:
> Brett Dikeman writes:
>> I would be almost certain the a4 series do, especially this guy's,
>> since it is a 1.8t :)
> No, A4 and A6 all have vacuum assist for brakes.  No more hydraulics.
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