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RE: I hate the smell of oil in the morning.

>Date: Sat, 6 Feb 1999 15:23:04 -0800
>From: "James A. Desveaux" <desveaux@ucla.edu>
>Subject: RE: I hate the smell of oil in the morning.
>I've never had the oil leak problem on this car, but I've had the hydraulic
>leak problem (hey, haven't we all?).  Go to a local discount parts supplier
>and buy a couple of cans of Brakleen.  The non-chlorinated version in the
>green can (it's slightly cheaper) should be fine.  That stuff does a great
>job of cleaning off residues and leaving parts nice and clean and dry.  It's
>a good bit less messy than resorting to things like GUNK engine brite, or
>other engine foaming cleansers.  But in the interest of economy, you may
>want to resort to GUNK, etc., if your engine compartment is saturated with
>oil residue.
>One other point.  On the issue of redline for the 3B (200Q) and AAN (S4/S6)
>engines, I believe the redline is 7100, and the motronic unit limits revving
>past 7200.
>- - Jim

Jim, is Brakleen sold in spray cans, and why is it "less messy" than
foaming cleansers? I would imagine that _any_ cleanser that works will
produce a gosh-awful mess on the floor of a garage or driveway? I guess a
DIY carwash booth would be the place to carry out this operation?

I've recently replaced a leaking differential oil seal and there's loads of
oily gunk on the tranny and rear-of-engine in the vicinity of the
right-side final drive flange. I assume the CV boot will not be harmed by
brief contact with these degreasers?

Phil Rose				Rochester, NY
'91 200q				mailto:pjrose@servtech.com
'89 100