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:4KQ fuel Pump: dead

Hi guys,

I had a similar fuel pump issue a couple of weeks ago.  It was the fuel pump
relay.  On all 85-87 4KQs the relay runs the pump for a second when the key is
turned to on from off.  Once you turn the key to start and the engine actualy
starts, the pump is run until the engin is stopped.  To test your pump, pull
the relay and jumper the two largest spade connections.  Note there are more
spade holes than the relay uses so compair them to the relay spades.  I used a
heavy duty inline fuse holder with a 15 amp fuse as my jumper and emergency
relay until a mail ordered replacement arrived.($16 from Parts
Connection/dealer $26 special order item.)   It is not uncommon for the timed
pre-charge circuit to fail, but the rest of the relay to still work.  If your
Q starts easy and you have a good check valve at the pump your car may start
fine without the precharge.  Mine was intermitant until the relay died
completely.  Luckily this was the day the new one arrived.  Give this a try, I
think a new pump is well over $100.

87 4KQ