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Re: window motor

Hi Mike!

        If the cable is not broken and the motor is capable of pulling the
wire up and down there is but one more possibility that you may have not
noticed.  It is quite common that the wire has broken out of the puck  that
runs back and forth in the "L" shaped track.  I assume that you have taken
the whole unit out of the door and if you haven't,  it certainly would be
worth your while (considering the winter weather) to get that window up so
the elements stay out of your face!
        I've been in the same position as you are and no matter how you look
at the situation, you will need to either repair the regulator or the buy a
reconditioned one. You may consider a new unit but the price is very high.
Here's Al Powell's link for your door fix routine.

        Once you have the regulator out of the door, prop the window back up
with a slotted stick, cut to the needed length to hold up the glass.  Put
everything back together and enjoy the warmth!  Now. . . .Take a good look
at that puck that rides on the "L" shaped slider.  Has it torn loose from
it's mounting?  If it has, and you have a bit of luck, you can repair it.
    The puck and the steel crimp that is around the wire need to be put back
together with some modification to the puck so the crimped wire stays in the
intended slot.  If you have a drill,  I suggest you use a #29 drill and
drill a hole in the puck so that when you put a 1/2" screw with #8-32
threads (threaded with an 8-32 bottoming style tap) at either side of the
puck, the wire will have no place to move to and will stay where it should
have been in the first place!  This type of work is easily done with an
overhead drill or a milling machine.  Be careful not to damage the wire
while drilling.
    It is also possible that a good cleaning of everything is all that is
necessary to get your unit back working properly.  When you take the cover
off the motor, you may see that the wire has crossed itself on the nylon
reel.  Take care that the nylon reel is not damaged and the wire is riding
on the center of the grooves.  I've used a "warm" soldering iron to regroove
a damaged channel.  Take care in this operation!
    If after closer examination, you decide that there is no way that this
regulator can be fixed, I suggest you contact the people that I've listed
below.  They have been mentioned by others on the "list" as having a good
rebuilt product.  There are other sources that you may want to pursue so a
good price can be realized.

        Mountain Automotive Products, Inc.
        5585 Elk Creek Drive West
        Colorado Springs, CO 80908
            (719) 495-0757
                http://www..mountainautolcom/   or 1-800-200-AUTO

Wayne Scheer
Amsterdam, NY

'87 5K with 251K miles
'89 1C with 122K miles. Both cars with Euro 55/60W lights.  A great

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Date: Sunday, February 07, 1999 6:30 PM
Subject: window motor

>wow, thanks for all the quick replies, here is what is happening. If I
>the window approximately 8-10" it will go back up just fine,but if I allow
>the window to go all the way down it does not want to go back up. The cable
>is still in one piece and I lubed everything the first time that this
>happened which gave me about 10 uses of the window. everything is clean in
>there and the switch is fairly new. Swapped it with one from the other side
>which is working fine and same thing, when you push up on the switch the
>light dims but nothing happens, (except if it is at the top, then it seems
>to work fine) I am guessing there is more resistance at the bottom? Any
>on the updated motor being better or should I try to rebuild this one?
>Mike Guidotti
>87 5KTQ