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Re: Audi of America, are you listening?

The Audi dealer I've dealt with up here in Pittsburgh sounds similar to the
ones down in Atlanta Elliot describes. My whole experience with the airbag
recall pretty much sums up their regular attitude. They cracked the circuit
board in my instrument cluster while doing the recall, thus giving me no
interior / instrument cluster lights. When I brought this to their
attention, they told me that the lights were out due to a "loose wire"
(since replacing the circuit board would have been $$$ for them). So they
fixed my lights (later I found out be trying to solder the contacts on the
cracked board back into contact). But it broke again due to their "rig"
attempt. I went back to the dealer, and if it wasn't for dumb luck that the
service manager was not there, I never would have found out that they
cracked my circuit board. I had the guy manning the service dept that day
pull up my records for the follow-up recall work, and they basically said
the board was cracked, and they repaired it by soldering it. I confronted
the service manager when he returned with this info, and demanded they
replace the board. The service manager said it should make no difference if
the board was repaired or replaced. They finally agreed to replace the board
(and then tried to charge me for it!). Did I mention that during the repair
they chipped the paint on my door (requiring a repaint of a previously
perfect original finish on the door) and when I got the car back after they
finally replaced the board, both of my seat heater switches were burnt out?
Whole experience was an overall disaster that took over 4 months to resolve,
and is why I seem to find myself always looking for a good independent shop
to work on my car. Now I wonder where I should take the car if this fuel
injector recall turns out to be applicable to my car?

'92 100S (78k)