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Re: Audi of America, are you listening?


>I have three points for this thread:
>1) This group is largely composed of people who drive OLD Audis.

True. However, follow my progression:
'95, traded wife's '89 Ford Probe (Mazda 626 coupe for ROW, POS at 80k
miles) for '86 4000S (80 for ROW)
'96, traded my '82 Subaru 4x4 wagon (goin' strong at 200k) for '87 4000CSq
'98, 4ks is wrecked, replaced with '89 200q (wife's, mostly, now w/110k)

It seems that there is a natural progression here that could lead to a new
car (read $$$ directly to Audi) eventually (though not in MY specific case,
I think I'll peak at a '95.5 S6 wagon in a few years ;-). Another example:
Grayd*n St*ckey just "traded" an '86 5ktq for a '91 V-8. 

Achtung! Audi, some of these people are northbound . . .

cu, James
'87 4kq (alias "late-B2 90q")
'89 200q (K26, torsen, aero handles, no bag)
('86 4ks, lives on in memory)
Boise, ID, USA http://netnow.micron.net/~marriott