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AOA, are you listening, and list statistics


Is there an accurate set of statistics about the number of readers and the
cars they drive?

Basically, in reading this list for the past few months, there are
mentions of asking for qlist discounts and flexing some muscle with Audi.

Point being, discount requests would be much more powerful if we could 
tell vendors that there are xxx potential customers on the list, and if 
they can give us a discount, we could promise to make the vendor a 
"preferred"  vendor. 

If we could write Audi a summary of all the posts concerning AoA, and
explain this reflects the opinion of xxx Audi owners of yyy cars (many of
us are  potential repeat customers), the letter would carry some weight.

Details of "preferred vendor" of course need to be ironed out, maybe
"recommended vendor" is more appropriate. (We enjoy having a choice!) 

Do we have, and if not, how can we get, and who will do it, list

My non-computer literate thoughts:
A "guestbook" section of someone's webpage, ideally the QuattroList home
page. This could include statistics about the individual cars we own.

Do you have a list of all the people that receive the list, including
digest, Dan? This is a good initial count.

Set up an email host; someone who gets sent ONE email (to preserve
sanity!) from everyone, with relevant details. I'd be willing to do this,
if this is the best way.

Just a thought,
Happy driving!

86 5000S