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Re: ETKA / ETOS part CD's- continued!

 I am the one of the few lucky persons who actually has
one, so here is my 2 cents....

> <SNIP>
> I will check to see which models are covered on the ETKA CD- obviously from
> some "off list" contact I have had, there are different versions
> "available".
> I know that they do go pretty recent- I believe the new S4 variant of the
> A4 is included, and it does go back as far as the type 2 VW, etc., but I
> have not checked which SEAT models are covered.

Yep, it covers all VW/AUDI models, beginning from '47 Bug.
No SEAT/Skoda models on my CD.

> The system tells you any upgrades/ replacements, where necessary, and
> whether the part is still available from the factory.

   It also shows the list price for parts in DM's  and I heard that it even
shows "book" time, haven't figured out where is it though...

> I am not sure as to
> whether this covers ALL markets, including America.

 Nope, only European models are covered. But I've been able
to use it for finding  parts for my 5kt and 5ktq just fine :-)

> Works OK for Britain,
> and Germany, I believe. The problem is with the screen resolution- ULTRA
> HIGH is needed.

  Win95/98/NT, 1280x1024 resolution and 256 colors is all it needs.

> If anybody wishes to contact me off list, I will try and
> ascertain more specific information.
> Brave man that advertises copying it, though! :-)

  If VW/AUDI wouldn't sell it to the public (at affordable price)
 it's their problem  :-)

BTW, I have 2 extra copies, one is "reserved"  and the
other one is up for grabs. E-mail me, first comes,  first served :-)
Or, if someone has a CD burner and willing to make a copies
for other listers, I'd be willing to temporarily provide the

> ICQ is also a good way of discussing- I am on average, on line at 7 or 8pm
> GMT.
> Regards,
> Andy.
> Audi Owners Club
> http://www.audioc.force9.co.uk
> editorial@audioc.force9.co.uk
> ICQ: 25397079


'87 5kcstq 148K miles 1.8 bar
'86 5kcst 5-spd 151K miles  (rear-ended by moron in SUV, FS)