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Re: urquattro killing battery??

Luis Marques wrote:
> Are you sure you don't have a marginal battery (about to go bad)?
> I once had a problem where my battery wouldn't hold enough charge to
> start the car after sitting for two days.  Upon removing the plugs and
> looking in, I noticed that one of the cells looked different - like
> corroded or degraded.  The battery would probably test fine, but was
> really marginal.  I put a new Interstate in and all the problems were
> cured.
Some times progress isn't progress.The hydrometer is still the best
of the condition of the battery. Check the level in the cells,charge it
the hydrometer reads 1250/1275, do a load test.Have lunch.Check it
again.Go to the golf course or the Parts store (dependent on the

Don't buy sealed,no maintenance batteries.If you do, disregard the


> I guess the lesson is don't trust 100% on the portable battery testers.
> You must also do a visual inspection of the internals of the battery.
> Luis Marques
> '87 4kcsq