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Re: urquattro killing battery??

   > My urquattro seems to be killing its car battery over the course of a
   > week or two if the car is not used.  I have measured the current
   > draw on the battery when the car is off and it is only ~50mA (40mA for
   > the radio memory & I think ~10mA for the clock).  This does not seem
   > high enough to kill a battery, so I am wondering if anyone knows of
   > something else that might do it.  I thought the radiator fan after-run
   > circuit might be the culprit, but that appears to stop running after
   > the car cools down enough.
   > Any ideas?

   Are you sure you don't have a marginal battery (about to go bad)?

   I once had a problem where my battery wouldn't hold enough charge to
   start the car after sitting for two days.  Upon removing the plugs and
   looking in, I noticed that one of the cells looked different - like
   corroded or degraded.  The battery would probably test fine, but was
   really marginal.  I put a new Interstate in and all the problems were

   I guess the lesson is don't trust 100% on the portable battery testers. 
   You must also do a visual inspection of the internals of the battery.


I too initially scoffed at the net-wisdom (folklore) that that
generation of Audis ate batteries. I mean, physics is physics, and
batteries are batteries, and the numbers just don't "add up".

However, after about 10 years of UrQ ownership, I too have grudgingly
come to the conclusion that Audis eat batteries. (I presume that there
is a class of plasma/energy-being [aka "gremlin"] that prefer to live
in Audis, and they like [feed on] electrons, and that is what happens
to the batteries...)