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Re: WHAT AUDI SHOULD I GET...(kinda long)

In a message dated 2/9/99 Brett Dikeman <brett@pdikeman.ne.mediaone.net>

<< I would recommend in this order:

- -1991 200 20 valve Quattro
- -S4/S6
- -5kCSTQ(no earlier than 88) >>

Talking US imports only, ROW may delete now...

What are the significant differences between the 87 and 88 model year 5ktq's?

Let's see...

1. New style trunklid and emblems (kinda nice I admit)
2. Chromed Door Lock Mechanisms (nice when the doors are open and you notice
3. The 88's are a needle in a haystack to find due to very small sales numbers
for that model year (worst in Audi US history if I'm not mistaken). Not good
for used selection.

I see no reason to search for an '88 ruling out potentially good finds in an
'87, or even an '86 if one is looking for a type 44 tq. The '87 model year had
the highest number of total US sales which offers you the best selection of
used choices. (And like any 10+ year old used car, buy in the western and
southern states for best condition...) Everything that was "fixed" in the '88
also is present in the '87 that I am aware of.

*Any* used type 44 tq can and will be a full time hobby/money pit. The '91
200q potentially even moreso given the uniqueness of certain parts and small
number of cars sold in the US.

I must say I am rather glad to have passed on a shabby 91 200q for 9k and
opted for a less shabby '87 5ktq for $2950.00. That 6k$ difference in initial
price buys alot of repair and mod parts.

Don't get me wrong, I LOVE the '91 200q. But I have a feeling that in the near
future we will see the prices of S4's get closer and closer (to the '91 200q)
which is IMO a preferable ride.

Let's not rule out the V8 either, especially the 5spd... (Right Graydon and
Steve B?)

It's really a matter of how much you want to spend, both now and later. There
are many good choices out there still. The key is when looking at German
luxury/performance cars that are ~10 years (more or less) old and have >100k
miles is condition and your ability to keep it fed ;-) If you don't plan to do
most, or better yet all, of the work yourself then plan to spend a bundle on
wrenching and parts. (I can't find a good local wrench who will allow me to
bring in my own parts...) Go in with both eyes open and know what you're in
for and the experience will more than likely be a good one.

My long and wordy .02 worth...

Mike Veglia
87 5kcstq