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Re: What's a clay bar?

How often _should_ you wax your car?  (Oh do I ever detect the potential for
a thread.)  Like everything else... it depends.  Generally:

- don't wax a new car for 3-4 months to let the paint thoroughly cure...
except, does anyone know if the old rules apply to the current generation of
automotive paints?

- how often... as often as the situation dictates, a function of your need
and your car's environment.  If you car is garaged at home and at work then
the finish simply won't need as much attention.  If you live in the desert
southwest and have no garage then the clearcoat takes quite a beating from
the sun and it will need more care and protection.  If you live in snow
country then there will be long periods where waxing may not be appropriate
and you may try to 'catch up' with increased frequency in good weather.  The
color of the car seems to be a factor in frequency of care.  Red fades the
most quickly, then metallic light blue, then any light metallic and on and
on.  And this is _if_ there were no problems with the application of the
finish of your particular car.  It really depends on your situation.  If you
live near the ocean then the airborne salt and the sun will take it's toll.
My cars are not garaged and I live within a mile of the Pacific Ocean so I
wash weekly and wax every two or three months.  It also depends on your
relationship with the car... you know what I mean, and _not_ that... if you
are an automobile enthusiast then is it likely that you enjoy a clean and
well cared for car and will wash and/or wax more often than someone that
does so out of duty.  When I restore the paint on my '67 Rover 2000TC to its
original nitrocellulose lacquer Racing Red glory, then... fragile as nitro
lacquer is... I'll wax it 4-6 times a year.   Again, waxing frequency is
situationally dependent.

- how often should one use something like a clay bar?  When it needs it.
After using it once you will have that smoothness as a reference and when it
the finish no longer passes the 'hand rub' test then.... bar it.  If you
live in an industrial area then particulate fallout will be more severe and
higher cleaning frequency will be appropriate.  If you live near Washington
D.C. then the BS fallout on your car will certainly need attention.

Opinions? Corrections?

Regards, Gross Scruggs

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Date: Tuesday, February 09, 1999 11:59 AM
Subject: Re: What's a clay bar?

>Wow ... haven't heard of such a thing.  So how often should I use it and
>how often should I wax?  Since I just bought my car I suppose washing
>should be good for awhile.  Should wax then before summer?
>Janet Scruggs wrote:
>> A clay bar is... a bar of clay.  Doesn't seem to be soft like modeling
>> but somewhat stiffer.  Auto paint and body stores sell it.  Mine is under
>> the name "Clay Magic."  Is sold with a spray bottle of a lube/cleaner...
>> spray on surface and slowly rub bar back and forth a few times.  Wipe
>> clean cloth and compare with the area not yet done.  Remarkably much
>> smoother... I didn't know just how much 'stuff' was on my horizontal
>> surfaces.  Work small areas, wipe clean, you'll want to run for your
>> favorite wax as you finish a panel.  Regularly fold the clay to expose
>> surface... you'll get the hang of it.
>> Works _very_ well.
>> Regards, Gross
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>> From: J. Kris Baca <kris.baca@nwa.com>
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>> Date: Monday, February 08, 1999 8:42 AM
>> Subject: What's a clay bar?
>> >Hi,
>> >
>> >In a recent post to the quattro news group you mentioned using a 'clay
>> >bar' to remove pollen and dirt.  what's that?
>> >
>> >Thanks!
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