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s4 avant

i had my 1st look at an s4 avant last night.  ming blue with cream leather
and the rather special aluminium trim, and it looked better than the silver
sedan i saw last week.  same wheels and tyres, although the avant ends up
looking more aggressive due to the tighter "waisting" at the rear of the

it is similar in size to the 80avant with a lower but narrower loadbay.
there is noticeably more rear headroom than in the sedan, while the standard
of fit and finish is equally excellent.

notable points:

1)	all the early units are pre-sold here in nz.  due to the delays
caused by the manifold issues, all early customers have been waiting 6-8
months for their cars.  all these customers were given a4's to drive around
in while waiting for their s4's.  good customer service by audi.
2)	the a4 facelift will be available in the s4 by mid-year.  this will
involve the new door handles(!) and centre console and few mechanical
changes apparently.  whether the suspension or engine/transmission has been
honed is not known.  i am endeavouring to find out.  this model would
probably be the one to go for for those interested.

i will have my 1st drive new week.

'95 rs2
'90 ur-q