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RE: WHAT AUDI SHOULD I GET...(kinda long)

Steve Buchholz wrote:

>> (WRT the V8 5spd)

> Considering the two cars at sea level, perhaps in passing tests the 
> two would be pretty similar, but in a stoplight drag the V8/5's gonna 
> win hands down against a stock 200q20v.  I've even driven a chipped 
> 200q20v and though its been a while I think that the V8 still would 
> have the edge.

The V8 5spd comes in at 3900# give or take some small change, curb 
weight.  Don't know about a 20V, tho' seems like they were heavier than 
the 89's.

> Another thing that I'm not seeing mentioned is the fact that the v8's 
> body is significantly strengthened with additional welds and stiffer 
> crossmembers over any other type 44

> I would certainly like to see how well the stiffened body behaves on 
> the track.

_Very_ nicely, esp. w slightly firmer-than-stock suspension.  :^)

>> Replacement parts? Certainly no worse than a 91 200q given they 
>> (V8's) were around a few years.
> ... very true.  The cars are very similar outside of the engine, 
> tranny and rear diff.  The v8 is still a type 44 after all.

And many body parts (hood/grill/other front stuff, F&R fenders, tail 
lights, rear doors?, even the C-pillar trim...).

And some interior parts (dash, floor "mats", headliner, visors, parcel 
shelf; don't know if the leather was custom color)

And wheels (Yes, Virginia, V8's and 91 200Q's share bolt pattern and 
offset w/ some Mercedes, so there are a whole lot more available.  I've 
bent two of them so far...)

We don't need to discuss brakes again.

>> The V8q 5spd maybe the best bang for the buck out there in the used 
>> quattro market for those at or near sealevel.

It's a truly exceptional car, with individual character and charm, and 
some tuning potential.

I wish I knew how many there really are-- have heard numbers from 
50-200, plus one report of a 1990 MY 5spd.

Dave Weiss
91 V8 (guess which kind)
98 CR-V