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Re: What comes out of the lambda probe?

KRISTIAN@sandar.no wrote:
> Hi there
> I`m just curius of the output from the lambda probe.
> Is it an output voltage, 

Yes, it's a voltage.  The lambda sensor (commonly called Oxygen sensor)
is an ion exachange battery that uses the "air" in the exhaust stream
and air outside the exhaust to create a tiny battery that will generate
between 0 (very lean, no unused oxygen) to just shy of 1 volt (very very
rich).  a clean simple test is to put the sensor in the light blue tip
of flame of a propane torch and heat the head up red hot and measure the
voltage from the black wire to the case.  should be about .900 if it's
working right.  You are correct, the 2 white wires are for the heater.

The computer is smart enough to know whether the O2 sensor is working
properly, and if it (the computer) sees numbers that it doesn't expect,
it denys the sensing voltage to adjust the fuel mixture, and the system
runs closed loop with preset values for what "should" be happening with
all the other sensors indicating what they are.  Hope that helps!

Chris Locke 86 4kcstq
	    88 90q