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Re: RS2 clicking valve lifters?

In message <mailstart.2/16/99.12412.98.> gerard@dockside.co.za writes:

> Question is: where did all that oil go?

Oil goes in all sorts of funny ways.  Sometimes it isn't oil at all -
people check the dipstick on a car with fuel in the oil (from leaky
injectors) and then do a high-speed run.  The fuel evaporates and it
looks like the oil level went down.  Sometimes the pressure relief
value leaks, but only hot and at high speed - so there's nothing on
the driveway.  In Audis, oil control problems (genuine oil burning)
seems relatively rare, though Audi cover themselves by saying the
most ridiculous amount of oil consumption is 'normal'.  The most
common problems I see are turbo seal leakage (main symptom a rush
of smoke at startup) and valve stem seals (main symptom a large puff
of smoke at gearchange).  Once the latter gets big enough to be seen
by the driver, there really _is_ a problem.

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