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Re: Fire went out!

In message <001a01be5a14$459cc3e0$27ee37ce@oemcomputer> "Janet Scruggs" writes:

> I need from the list a few BTDTs regarding the Hall effect stuff.  The
> housing on the side of the distributor (into which the three-pin connector
> fits) is loose and has been secured with a zip tie by a previous mechanic.
> Is this a trouble spot?  Connections _seem_ to be made and plug clicks
> nicely into housing.

A dead Hall sensor will not kill a running 5000 engine.  It will stop
one _starting_, but once it's rotating and firing the Hall sensor is
not used again.

I suspect chassis grounds to engine - on the 200TQs I see (nearest
thing to a 5000) they're attached to the back corner of the accelerator
cable carrier plate on top of the inlet manifold.  Check the ends
bolted to the engine, and the wires just inside the harness shroud.  Do
not accept physical robustness as evidence of electrical function.

Scott Mockry's diagnostic pages include a description of pulling codes
on engines that won't start - five seconds on the starter, etc.

If the Hall sensor is defective, it will store a code.  This is the best
way to diagnose it, since it includes all the wiring to and from the
ECU as well as the unit itself.


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