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Re: Blaupunkt Aspen light color change

I'm not sure but I suspect that this receiver uses lamps for 
illumination. If that's the case I'm pretty sure you can buy slip-on 
covers for the lamps to change their color. Not sure of the supplier 
though, perhaps VDO? Or you might try contacting Blaupunkt through their 
website at http://www.blaupunkt.com.

I do know that Blaupunkt's new 7-series receivers have a variable 
illumination color feature that allows 16 different illumination colors 
from green to amber to red. I have one of these on order (the Sydney 
model)--can't wait to replace the previous owner's Panasonic unit with 
all the flashing lights and tiny buttons that I have to look at three 
times to change radio stations. This unit (as are most car stereos these 
days) is a nightmare in human factors design.


>Hi Audifans,
>I have a Blaupunkt Aspen head unit with the hideous green display in 
>wagon (came with the car), and I'd like to change the color of the 
>to orange.  Mike thinks Blaupunkt may have used bulbs instead of LEDs.  
>anyone help with suggestions, i.e., go to Radio Shack and use bulb 
xxxx, or
>paint the bulbs with such and such color/type nail polish/paint, etc.
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