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RE: Magnetic Shocks! (no audi content)

> and gas shock.  Well, know they have a shock that uses a fluid that
> changes viscosity in response to changing magnetic fields.  In other
> words, they are ajustable for compression and rebound from within the
> car.  Wow, crazy stuff...wonder how much these suckers are going to
> cost!
... I would imagine that the old adage that starts with "if you have to ask
... " applies :-)

Fluids that change viscosity based on the applied magnetic field are not
really that new, we've used them in the products that KLA sells for some
time, but last I checked they are not cheap ... and I'd bet that our
$2million system uses less than a single strut would hold (of course you get
more than the fluid for that ... :).  If you simply wanted remote control of
the damping you could remote control the valves ... that is what more than a
few cars have done for a while now.  The nifty thing about these fluids is
that you can have the effective valving change based upon the amount of
deflection of the suspension, and with the addition of an electromagnet and
appropriate sensors you could have a computer controlled suspension that
could change the stiffness of the shock absorber based on how aggressively
the car is being driven, th overall roughness of the road, etc ...

It might actually be more cost effective to perform this adaptation using
other techniques though ... as a matter of fact I just thought of something
that I'm going to headscratch about for a bit ...

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)