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RE: 3 inch exhaust fabricators

    As the new motor now has about 2k miles on it, I'm looking for a 3
exhaust of aluminized steel. I just can't see spending the $2k on TAP's
stainless scorpian unit. Is there anyone in the NE region doing this ?

    I dont know about NE but any GOOD Muffler shop can do it.  STAY
AWAY, from big Chain shops and find a guy that has his own shop and does
killer work.  A good indication is if he uses Aluminized Steel as
Standard and will refuse to put anything less on because he doesn't want
his name on Crap.  Then Pay him well to do a Great Job.  Stress Flow and
Fit.  ANd buy a good muffler and about $200 - $300 labor later + the
price of one muffler you will have a sweet sounding system.
    For a sound of a 91' 20v taking off and at Idle go to my Web Page.
BTW, the car is Alex Nekus's 200 at PIR this Fall.  The car was at
Steamboat for the NW Driving event last weekend so any listers that were
there can vouch for the sound.  I believe Chad Clark in particular loved
it.  (And from what I hear his system isn't to shabby itself :-)
    Anyhow, His is a 3" Stainless Custom system with a Turbo Muffler of
some sort.  Someone said it was a Dynomax but is sounds more like a
Straignt through muffler to me.  Mayb a Dynomax Magnum Straight Through
unit or something.  He Also has a 3" downpipe to go with it and I think
he got rid of the kitty.
    Good Luck.
I'll post sounds of my custom Borla 4kq system soon.