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RE: 10v air filter upgrades?

>easy way seems to be either punching holes in the stock
>airbox, or buying the contraption from Blaufergnugen!(TM)
>that clips on to replace most of the factory unit.  Has
>anyone used this thing?  I'm looking to gain horsepower
>(and, yes, to sound more "aggressive" under acceleration).
>I'm especially interested in devising a custom setup with
>a cone-type filter: what kind of ductwork can I use, how
>would I attach it to the intake, and where under the hood
>is a good high-pressure spot to locate it?

    The Blau unit will have the same problem a cone will of drawing in
cold air.  So will punching holes.  However, I HIGHLY recomend using a
K&N and punching holes in stock box provided you either shild the box at
the back to protect from hot exhaust air or only drill holes in front
half.  FOrmer option is the best.  I have done this to a VW Jetta and 3
4kq's and every one noticed a difference in power.  Down low it doesn't
do much but avobe 4k RPM it pulls stronger and I tent to fine myself at
Red Line much more often.  I dont think you really GAIN much power buy
you definately get more power over a Wider RPM band.
    Also, it sounds cool.  It really growls when the big TB plate is
open (say floored at like 3,000 RPM and up).
    I do not know whether many small holes or fewer big ones changes
anything as I have both but the engines are not of similar strength in
compression etc so its not a fair comparison.  I think I noticed the
biggest gains however with 3/4" or larger holes as apposed to 1/2"