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DOT headlights & Airbag

I have read some postings here on the list discussing "Eurolights conversion"
Must be a lot of "DOT headlights" collecting dust in your garages :-)
Ironically I'm in the market for a pair of these as my car will soon be
coming over the pond from Sweden and needs DOT lights.
So if you are willing to sell your headlights you have a buyer in me.. They
must of course come from a S4.

Another thing:
Can someone tell me if the American version of the S4 from 1993 have airbag
installed as factory stock/standard?
My car has no airbag. (Originally sold in Germany 1993. Imported to Sweden
To install a steering wheel with airbag can be a very costy business if
you're asking Audi retail. (in Sweden) Some $3000. Puhhhhh!
I remember some postings about a coupple of guys meeting in Colorado one
weekend to install new steering wheels in their cars. I think Frank Amoroso
was involved in some way. Any one know how much this steering wheel with
airbag cost?

Geir, Minneapolis.
audi S4 Avant 1993