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1986 Audi 4000 CS Quattro For Sale


I am thinking of selling the car.  What could I get for a car with body rust
slowly coming to view, needs back support springs, at worst a new heater
core, tune up and a voltage regulator.  The motor to the sunroof, cigarette
lighter and radio antenna needs to be replaced too.  The tape deck only uses
tapes that have been forwarded completly through once and the radio works
even though the display is out of order permanatly.  There is a oil leak
below the front belt and above the oil pan lip that hits the ground and
starts to be noticed almost 2500 miles into the 3000 mile period before the
oil change.  That same leak also appears on the passenger side of the oil
pan above the lip (as if it were leaking upwards from the pan) and there is
no dripping from where the oil is put in the car.  There is a new stone
grinding and medium high pitched whurring sound from the front passenger
side.  Although the bearings for all the wheels were replaced 2 years ago
(give or take a few months), I suspect the bearings only due to the fact
that the two front axles were replaced and then the noise started.  Both
front rotars and struts were replaced and the noise stopped for almost a
week and then returned every other drive it seems.  What are those stone
grinding and medium high whurring sounds?

The car does have, (as of 3 months ago) two new tires, two rebuilt axles,
two new rotars (two others with calipers and pads put on last year with two
new tires then too), a new fuel pump, a rebuilt radiator core (over four
months ago), (over two months ago) rebuilt alternator, decent belts, a brand
new replacement windshield (a stone in the top got the last one almost two
weeks ago), new hood release cable, a two year old top valve gasket seal
replaced, a year old battery, the interior is great (save below the
emergency brake for the carpet is matted and stuck in place), all the wheel
covers, the original spare mini tire and jack and a new two year old muffler
system from the dual exhaust pipe, the muffler, the pipes to the catalytic
converter air flow pipe and all the hangers between.  The clutch is within
five years old and still great too.  The oil has been changed every 3000
miles since my wife has owned it and that has been since over two years ago.
The original owner, my wifes aunt used it mainly for highway use.  We got
the car with 170,000 miles plus for only a U. S. dollar.

So what am I to do?  The car needs easily $1000.00 worth of work.  Please do
correct me if I am wrong.  I am seeking a car value opinion.  How much is it
worth?  What is the selling price reality?  Can a higher selling price such
as  $100.00 be too high even though I account for that due to the many new
parts?  I have spent over $5000.00 in the last two years alone.  Today I
spent $188.00 total for a rebuilt Bosch starter to be purchased and
installed.  I now know the flywheel has 6 missing teeth in a row (the
original starter nose broke off and stayed in causing the second starter and
flywheel to have a temporary freeze up).  The fix for that is $600.00 in
labor minimum plus the flywheel.  The leaks are from crank seals and will
cost no more than $200.00.

The Audi 4000CS Quattro is not working as a Quattro (at best the Quattro
light just fails to load) and the car has 227,005 miles on it.

Thank you,

William K. Mahler
Hyannis, Massachusetts.