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Re: 1.8T in Ur-q/in general

In a message dated 99-02-18 17:16:51 EST, Dave writes:

<< With VAG pumping these engines out as fast as 
 they can and with this engine being installed in numerous 
 VW/Audi models, there should be no problem with availability.
 Unlike the 20V 5 cyl turbo engine which still command some 
 $$$. I haven't priced a 1.8T engine, so I don' have any data 
 points yet. >>

  Actually, supply and demand can be strange bedfellows. Audi V6 motors are
plentiful, right up to the 30v. Even A of A gets a semi-reasonable sum for
longblocks at ~5000$. Say an average used motor value of 1600$. But try to get
a 1.8t from your local dealership, not quite available yet, they'll likely
say. Probably too busy feeding the production line these days. Those salvage
yards that know the value of the 1.8t's have been naming their price. But if
you need a good deal on one, drop me a line! 
  As a side note, most 1.8t A4's that go through salvage have good motors.
That ratio drops to 50/50 for V6 cars, as the alum cam sprocket takes it soon
after impact. I'd expect the 1.8t's to come down a bit in price next year as
parts become available from AofA and that many more cars are wrecked.

Chris Semple
coupla' q's, but no A4