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Re: [FS] Audi Sport S1 Suspension

John Firkins wrote:

> >Is that by Audi Motorsport like in Sprongl's car? I heared they like
> >theirs very much.
> >Does it bolt up to regular car?
> If theyre like my set, then not without the matching balljoint & lower
> control arms.
> >This suppose to be able to survive all those Gr B jumps like in the vidios.
> They made steel & alloy sets, the alloys were rumoured to bend
> >The only other person I know that may have this is David Sutton in
> >England,but his prices are very high.
> $10k isnt?  I'd be calling Bruno Kriebeck
> > I have for sale 2 sets (8 pieces) of works, (sport S1 spec) gravel
> >suspension for sale.
> There's more than one gravel spec, each rally had its own spec. I have a
> set that I think is the Acropolis setup
> >> Both sets are one piece strut and upright assemblies w/ threaded bodies,
> >> rebuildable inserts, and come with studded 5 bolt hubs and standard
> >> brake boss ( G-60 calipers will bolt right on, as well as the AP blank
> >> lug caliper, etc.)
>  Did you get the  alloy  wheelnuts with them?
> Cheers
> John Firkins

$ 10 K for a set of 8 including everything is not bad considering that struts
only for a modern rally car  like Mitsu or Subaru or my Toyota are no less than
$1100 each without hubs or knukles. That is Proflex of course but is more redely
available. I spoke with Bruno and he will sell no rally parts to aneone who
doesn't allredy have a proper  works rally car for any money. I almost wish  I
was building a Quattro coupe  rally car myself.

Who built your car?

Mike Z