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Re: 8 month wait is over - Urquattro is home again...

In message <002301be5bfc$fe1926e0$4d160d0a@powks15> "Jouko Haapanen" writes:

> The trip computer shows an average fuel consumption of 15L/100km after
> resetting, and after a short while, it increases steadily to 50L/100km.
> After this it returns down and increases again.  The average speed shows > OK,
> but somehow the consumption figure has gone haywire.

Black connector on side of air mass sensor not properly home.

> The ABS goes off around 50-60 km/h, but after I swithch it off and on
> manually again it will stay on for a litlle while.  The light does not co> me
> on at low speeds or while braking (unless it has gone on and stayed on
> earlier).

ABS senders refitted without using ablative caps.

> There is also a relay which intermittently clicks at a frequency of 1-3
> times per second while driving, located at the top left corner of the rel> ay
> panel under the dash.

Seat heater controller.

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