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8 month wait is over - Urquattro is home again...

Last night a trailer opened its doors to let out my 88 Urq after an eight
month ordeal of dismantling replacin/repairing/restoring etc.  The end
result is magnificent.  The car looks spectacular in its metallic black
(original) new paint and the new (used) black leather from a 91 RR donor
car is a welcome relief from the wooly tweed my car had originally.
Underneath, the car looks like it just came out of the assembly hall.
I'll try and get some pics posted soon.

There are, as expected, a few questions now:

The trip computer shows an average fuel consumption of 15L/100km after
resetting, and after a short while, it increases steadily to 50L/100km.
After this it returns down and increases again.  The average speed shows OK,
but somehow the consumption figure has gone haywire.

The ABS goes off around 50-60 km/h, but after I swithch it off and on
manually again it will stay on for a litlle while.  The light does not come
on at low speeds or while braking (unless it has gone on and stayed on

There is also a relay which intermittently clicks at a frequency of 1-3
times per second while driving, located at the top left corner of the relay
panel under the dash.

I did the alignment last night and got within the specs easily enough, but
as the alignment will be redone in a week or two after the springs settle, I
did not worry too much about hitting the specs exactly.

The rebuild list is extensive and once I get all the bits gathered together
I'll share it with the list.  The cost of all this is probably around USD 20
000 plust another 20 G's for the car.

Jouko Haapanen
Pori, Finland