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Re: 1.8T in Ur-q

Todd Phenneger wrote:

> Boy,
>     I had toyed with this idea too.  But for a 4kq track car.  Maybe
> After the V8 conversion will I try this. :-)  ANd that comes after the
> MC and 20vt conversions.  Heh, Heh.  I let out a maniac like laugh.
>     I see one big advantage of the 1.8t conversion.    WEIGHT!   The
> 1.8t 4-cyl weighs a lot less than the 3B,MC motors.  And it should allow
> a little more room in front of the motor for say, OH..... a MASSIVE
> INTERCOOLER???  WIthout having to ditch half the front end of your car
> and use your IC for either a Grille   or   a   SKid Plate as it seems
> Alex Nekus's massive unit would do on a bumpy road.
>     Anyhnow, I think it would be a Sweet conversion but I sure am not
> going to try it any time soon. :-)

Just my $.02 on this subject. I agree with Todd P. (and no it's not just
because we have the same first name). Weight savings and overall size are
two important factors. Another BIG factor is the aftermarket support for
the 1.8Turbo. There are A LOT of reputable companies producing performance
parts for the 1.8T engine, not the least of which is MTM. If MTM can get
300 hp out of a 1.8T and say it will be dependable, I believe them.

Just a note: said conversion  has already been done by a gentleman in
Europe to a type 89 80 series car, it can be found at:

Looks like a great idea for a '93-95 US spec 90series, dump the heavier
12vV6, and put in a tweaked 1.8T.

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